Innovative cloud solution where you can easily develop, manage and display content on your digital signage screens, through a completely customizable screen setup.

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No application needed

Works on any operating system, any hardware without installing a new application


Laying it all out

You just upload content, we take care of displaying it on any screen size and resolution


Setup & Manage

Setup and display content within minutes, then manage it from anywhere

Fully customizable layouts

Choose from a list of pre-determined layouts or customize your own. We support anything from simple splits, to more complicated designs, all with just drag and drop.

Create layout templates and reuse them. Templates are dynamic to all screens so there's no need to worry about different resolutions or screen sizes.

Easy Planning and Management

Add content to a centrally managed library and then display it to any screens you choose.

Schedule your content or design a playlist to regulate and manage your content so that your display will automatically be updated.

All For One and One For All

Place many screens together into a single group. This gives you the ability to change all of the screens within the same group at once, with the click of a button.

As everything is done straight from the cloud, you can manage your content from anywhere in
the world!

Connect and Rule

Integrate with third party applications to get information and display content on your screens. Take the power to the next level! With rule-based scheduling you can set specific rules for each integration and content from your library.

With rules you can fetch content when your company is mentioned in online media and display it on one of the layout sections, otherwise display your normal content. You are in control!